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Roger Salls Photography offers studio & equipment rental in our 3000 sq. ft. space at 80 Ferry Blvd. in Stratford, CT.

Studio Rental:
Full Day Rental (9am~5pm) — $500 per day
Overtime Rental  after 8 hours— $100 per hour
Half-day Rental (4 Hrs) — $250 half day
Technical Assistance — $250 per day

Studio Amenities:
Over-head garage door, full kitchen, Cyc-wall (20'x 12'x 10'H), 60 Amp power, wifi, dressing room, 10' Cambo camera stand, 2 Bogen geared lighting booms, reflectors, various tables and sawhorses, a multitude of clamps, etc.  Studio Support personnel always on site. 

Wall is white, color change is possible(w/min 48 hr notice). Painting w/ chroma green or blue — $750 (includes repaint to white) 

Paper — $75 per  roll, Canvas/ Muslin- $50 per change

Lighting Equipment available to rent:
Speedotron 2400, 1200 and 800 power packs (includes 11 light head w/ various reflectors incl 22"Beauty Dish, and Pocket Wizards) — $125 per session/day

Available Soft Boxes/ Umbrellas: 4x6, 3x4, 30x40, strip, 6 ft umbrella/w diffuser, 48" umbrellas, 

Lowell Tota lights and DP lights$100 per session/day


Please call us at (203) 375-1258 to inquire about availability and scheduling.